Meet Our Tissue Navigators

The role of a Tissue Navigator was born out of hearing so many families say, “We want to donate but we have no idea where to start or how to make it happen. We know researchers need the tissue but how do we get this precious gift to them? Because children typically die at home, the logistics of coordinating these donations within the small viable time frame is difficult and each donation provides unique challenges. Gift from a Child Tissue Navigators work across institutional lines to meet these challenges so that no matter where in the country a child dies from brain cancer, donation is an option. Our navigators are a committed, resourceful team coordinating their work so that no matter the day or time, GFAC will work to make donation a possibility. Please meet our dedicated Tissue Navigators:

Melissa Williams
Lurie Children’s Hospital
Niku Nourmohammadi
Children’s National
Washington DC
Beth Frenkel
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Ann-Helen Liljensten
Stanford University
Palo Alto
Cindy Campbell
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York City
Christopher Padilla
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York City
Sydney Peck
Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children
Jeffrey Stevens
Seattle Childrens
Seattle Washington

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