Our Beliefs

Empowering Brain Cancer Research Through Tissue Donation

We believe the Gift from a Child is precious and rare.

Gift from a Child
Statement of Beliefs

We believe the Gift from a Child is precious and rare.

The gift was given as a result of a child passing too soon from this world and the unimaginable loss family and friends endure.

The gift provides an invaluable resource for advancing research to improve treatments and outcomes for children who are diagnosed with brain cancer.

We believe that, after the donation, families have the right to know how their child’s tissue is being used. Good stewardship of the gift received requires keeping families informed by those who have the privilege of using our children’s tissue for their research.

We believe families have the power to change the current research culture by donating our children’s tissue. Our children’s tissue is too precious not to be shared.

We recognize that too often researchers are forced to compete for limited resources and complete unnecessary and repetitive analysis before advancing to new insights and breakthroughs.

We believe in open source data sharing and the free distribution of information for research.

Our children need us to work together because they deserve our very best!

Gift from a Child
Is a Swifty Foundation Program

Swifty is a recipient of the GuideStar Gold Seal of Transparency

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