How to Donate

Empowering Brain Cancer Research through Tissue Donation

Simple Two-Step Process

For the family, once a decision has been made to donate, only two things are required. The first is written consent for the child to become a tissue donor, and the second is a single phone call to a tissue navigator at the time of a child’s death to initiate the process.


Written Consent


Written Consent

A Single Phone Call

Your Questions Answered

What is a tissue navigator?

Tissue navigators are trained to companion families through the donation process. They will answer your questions and should you choose to donate your child’s tissue they will coordinate all aspects of the donation. If you have to leave a message, a navigator will return your call within 24 hours.

Where will my child’s tissue be sent?

To any lab(s) your family chooses. Additionally, Gift from a Child seeks to direct families to researchers who have the interest and expertise to work with autopsy tissue and the desire to share the data widely across the research community. There are five Centers of Excellence GFAC has partnered with.

What are the Centers of Excellence?

They consist of five labs affiliated with the CBTN. Tissue Navigators from each of the labs work together to facilitate donations throughout the country. Each of these labs has the expertise to process a whole brain donation as well as develop cell lines and mouse models from the tissue. A portion of autopsy tissue donated to any of these labs will be stored at CBTN’s biorepository in Philadelphia.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
CBTN Operations Site and Center of Excellence

Children’s National

Lurie Children’s Hospital

Stanford University Medical Center

NY Presbyterian / Weill Cornell

Orlando Health | Arnold Palmer Hospital for Kids

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