Why Should YOU Chalk YOUR Walk?

Because it is fun! It is Outside! It adds color and beauty to our world!
Because in a single year 15,780 children will be diagnosed with cancer.
Because cancer is now the leading cause of death by disease in children in the U.S.
Because of the lack of funding for childhood cancer research
15,780 families will face the possibility of the unimaginable loss of a child and
15,780 children will have their childhood taken away from them.

Because these families could use a little support and beauty added to their world and to know we are out here supporting them.

Haven’t we all spent enough time inside and isolated? So grab your friends and your chalk and go

CHALK YOUR WALK – to support families impacted by childhood cancer

Scroll to bottom of page to see how to participate.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 
Show Us Your Gold Ribbons and
#CancelChildhoodCancer- artwork


How Do I Participate?

Get Outside and Draw!

Post your artwork to your social media using #ChalktheWalk and #CancelChildhoodCancer and tag Gift from a Child in your post so we see it.

We will share to our social media and add to our website gallery!

Seeing your artwork will make a difference to families going through childhood cancer. It shows you care and shines a light on the need for better treatments for kids.

Make your post PUBLIC for greater reach and so we can share to our page.

Be sure to use our hashtags



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Cancer survival rates for adult and children are based on living five years from diagnosis. The average age of adult diagnosis is 65, average age of child’s diagnosis is 8 years. Why does living to 13 years old define surviving cancer?


For every federal dollar available for cancer research, only four pennies is used to fund childhood cancer research.


About 60% of all funding for drug development in adult cancers comes from pharmaceutical companies, and for children these companies spend next to nothing.


Prostate cancer (average age at diagnosis 66 years) receives more research funding from the National Cancer Institute than all childhood cancers combined.


There are 70 potential life years lost on average when a child dies of cancer compared to 15 potential life years lost for adults dying of cancer.

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