Levi Burke

Levi was our typical fun and loving 5 year old boy. He loved to play t-ball, going to school, traveling, and most of all, playing with Transformers. He loved his family as well and his friends. Levi was loved by many. The week before we found Levi’s tumor, he had been holding his head sideways, but it never seemed to slow him down. He played his t-ball game that week and attended the county fair the day before he was diagnosed with DIPG. With family, friends, an amazing community, and most importantly God, his 6 month battle was full of love and laughter. 

He had a way of bringing everyone together. On March 17, 2023, Levi lost his battle. We decided to continue his legacy by donating his tumor, along with other parts available to be transplanted. Our main reason for this is, if we decided not to donate, and other families did the same, there would be little to no chance of studying and finding a cure. He was and still is our little hero.

Our Donation Story

Our donation story is very simple. We decided to donate anything available for transplant to help others. It meant a lot to us to hopefully be able to help someone in need. We were very grateful to have the opportunity to donate anything possible.

Gift from a Child
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