Max Pound

Max was a lover of football, baseball, basketball, swim, pogo sticking, stock trading, and anything that would present a challenge. He always had a bad joke in his back pocket. He lived his life in a kind, gentle and gracious manner. Quite possibly the worlds best little brother to his siblings and still holds the title for the best hug-giver. At the age of 10, Max was diagnosed with High Grade Glioma (specifically H3 34R mutant, IDH wt, MGMT unmethalyated HGG) otherwise known as Diffuse Hemispheric Glioma or Glioblastoma. He tried in earnest to beat this, but lost his battle some 783 days following his diagnosis.
Max never wanted to walk this journey, but without question did it with grace and always with the ability to make us laugh through the toughest of times. His smile, hugs and even bad jokes will be forever missed.

Our Donation Story

“Max, despite his strength and size, was the kindest child, possessing the biggest heart. He always made himself available to help other kids, and his infectious smile never left his face. He walked through life with a gracious spirit, always expressing gratitude to others for their kindness. Donating Max’s brain through the Gift from a Child program exemplified his gracious nature, kind heart, and his unwavering commitment to being a friend. Max would never have wanted any other child to endure the devastation of this disease. Our only hope is that by donating his tissue, we can contribute to advancing the development of safe and effective treatments for children with brain cancer.

Max’s Mom”

Donate in Honor of – Max Pound –

We promised Max would not stop the fight. As such the Max Pound Foundation was created to honor that promise. Our aim is to raise funds to support vital resources for groundbreaking research in pediatric brain cancer, driving the advancement of safe and transformative treatments, thus empowering children battling this devastating disease.

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