Braylee Vaughn

Braylee was a girl with a true heart of gold. She was a healthy and active 10 year old girl who had played in a volleyball game the day before her diagnosis. A diagnosis none of us saw coming. Braylee was diagnosed with a very large, inoperable brain tumor that was grade IV Glioblastoma Multiforme. While this diagnosis shook us to our core as parents, Braylee did not let it define her. She continued each day with a big smile and wanting to help others.

She didn’t let her cancer stop her, she continued to fight each day to play volleyball, go to school with her best friend Kendall, cheer on the Texas Longhorns with her Dad, take family vacations, anything she wanted to do! Her goal was to complete 5th grade with her best friend, and she did. That was a milestone we feared cancer would take from us, but Braylee fought hard and was determined to achieve her goal. Braylee fought hard for 8 months past her diagnosis before she passed.Braylee wanted to continue to help other kids with cancer and held a lemonade stand partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation where she raised $6,000 for childhood cancer research. We knew that Braylee would have wanted nothing more than to donate to Gift From A Child so she can continue to make a difference in helping other kids like her. We will always remember and honor, Braylee the Brave.

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