Dr. David Kram: Advisory Council Spotlight

David Kram, MD is a powerful advocate for Gift from a Child (GFAC) and post-mortem tissue donation. In a video for GFAC he spoke about his first experience introducing GFAC to a family whose daughter had a terminal brain cancer diagnosis. This family made the generous decision to donate their daughter’s tissue after her passing. Dr. Kram said “I know that these tissue donations dramatically improve research capability. These post treatment samples are rare and critical and I’ve seen the good it can provide a grieving family. I believe Gift from a Child offers something extraordinary.”

At GFAC we aim to make it possible for any family, no matter where they might live in the country, to be able to choose post-mortem donation for their child. We hope to effect a cultural change where the post-mortem donation of pediatric brain tumors becomes the rule for all tumor types and not the exception. Our Advisory Council provides strategic advice and resources to help us reach these goals. We are grateful to have Dr. Kram join our Advisory Council.

Dr. Kram is a pediatric neuro-oncologist, an attending physician in the North Carolina Children’s Hospital, and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. He specializes in the medical care of infants and children with CNS tumors. Dr. Kram conducts clinical trials and translational research; he aims to translate scientific discoveries into results that benefit the patient population. He is currently the Vice Chair of the new COG Phase 3 Medulloblastoma trial (ACNS2031). According to Dr. Kram his “ultimate goal is to help develop new therapeutic strategies for pediatric brain tumors that are more effective and less toxic.”

As a passionate ambassador for our work, Dr. Kram has integrated GFAC into the culture at UNC and has started the process of bringing UNC into the Children’s Brain Tumor Network. Always looking to raise awareness, he introduced several current and past colleagues to the GFAC team at SNO last year and Dr. Kram and GFAC will be featured on the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation webinar in July.

We are proud to partner with Dr. Kram in the hope of creating a world where no family hears the words, “Your child has brain cancer.” GFAC and the pediatric brain cancer community are fortunate to have such a fierce and compassionate leader treating their children. Thank you Dr. Kram for your remarkable work and support of GFAC!

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