International Childhood Cancer Day

Caring for a child with cancer is mentally, physically and spiritually draining on the caregivers. To honor International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) on February 15th the World Health Organization Global Initiative for Childhood Cancer has created #ThroughTheirHands, an advocacy activity to show support for families and caregivers who make a difference for children with cancer.

With #ThroughTheirHands you can decorate a virtual handprint and write a message of hope. You can participate through the end of March, and your handprint and message will be shared on the ICCD website. We would love your participation to demonstrate the dedication and impact of our Swifty Foundation/Gift from a Child community!

To create a handprint, visit the ICCD #ThroughTheirHands website. Click through and “accept” the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You will then be asked to fill in your Participant Information, including your country and relationship to childhood cancer. After that, you are able to “draw” on your handprint to create whatever design you like. Finally, you can add a message of hope to encourage the bravery, courage and resilience of all children with cancer.

After you have created your handprint, you can preview the final result. If you are happy with your design, you can press Confirm and your submission will be added to the ICCD website where handprints and messages from around the world are displayed.

On February 15th, show your support of children with cancer!
Use the link below to download a graphic to share on your social media platforms.
We can show the world that we are #Mighty4Mikey!

Join the World in Support of Children With Cancer


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