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Gift from a Child’s work is rippling across the pediatric cancer community. It’s been exciting to work with so
many families, researchers, organizations, and supporters over the past eight years to create a national
program serving childhood brain cancer families and accelerating scientific discoveries.

Michael made the decision to donate his post-mortem brain tissue to research. That was our call to action,
and we jumped in. With almost $6 million invested, we have accomplished so much.
See all we have accomplished so far. With your help, we can do much, much more.

When a child’s life ends too soon, donating tissue is a way for the child and family to take a final stand
against cancer. Tissue donation is a contribution that improves outcomes for children with brain cancer that
only families can make.

All this from one boy making a plan, so he could die knowing his life would matter. Mikey donated his
Post-mortem tissue to research to help find a cure. The ongoing ripple effects of that initial splash have
resulted in an amazing eight years:

● Gift from a Child boosted the infrastructure and reach of the Children’s Brain Tumor Network which
makes brain tumor samples available to researchers around the world. This availability leads to
improved clinical trials and breakthrough research.

● Families who have lost children to brain cancer donate and advocate for tissue donations so other
families do not have to suffer similar losses. Our awareness campaign is reaching more and more
doctors and other medical professionals.

● Top cancer researchers and policy makers hear about the importance of asking families to donate
tissue through opportunities such as high-level summits and peer-reviewed journal articles.

● The message is getting out: families facing pediatric brain cancer deserve to be given the choice to
donate post-mortem tissue.

Brain cancer has overtaken leukemia as the leading cause of cancer-related death for children. The reason
children succumb to their cancer will remain a mystery until researchers are able to study both the diseased
and healthy brain tissue of those children who do not survive their disease.

We continue to follow Michael’s lead when he made his donation, with his goal “to help as many kids as I
can.” You can be a ripple that helps accelerate the wave of donated tissue leading to cures for brain cancer.
Give today and see our work continue to reverberate across the childhood cancer community.

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