Colby Beane

Our sweet boy was the kindest, purest soul we will ever know. Everyone was a friend to him and he cared for all. He was comforting and supportive. This was especially evident during his initial radiation treatments where he quickly made friends with other patients. Colby even stayed after an appointment once so that he could be with a fellow patient while she rang the bell after her last treatment because she had no family present. Another time while leaving the emergency room he made sure to wave at every child he passed on the way out. Colby loved lacrosse, BattleBots, Legos, Pokemon and his siblings very much. He was always ready with a bad pun or an even worse dad joke.

His sense of humor and timing were uncanny. Colby was only with us for 12 amazing years but the impact on those that knew him will last a lifetime. He wanted to donate to Gift from a Child in order to keep future children from going through what he and many others have already endured. Colby was and will forever be loved and we miss him more each day. He left some big shoes for us to fill but we will carry on in his honor advocating and raising awareness to this terrible disease. We love our sweet boy and will always carry Colby close to our hearts.

Our Donation Story

Colby’s donation is a way to provide hope for future children and their families. It is a way to turn an awful situation into something that could benefit research and ultimately lead to a cure. It is a way to make sure that his legacy will leave a lasting impact and live on forever.

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