A big shout out to Dr Monje and her colleagues at Stanford University! Once again we are honored to have The Monje Lab at Stanford lead one of our Centers of Excellence!

We spoke with Dr Monje and asked her about her efforts. “A call went out to Stanford faculty that the clinical labs may run low on reagents needed for novel coronavirus testing, in particular regents needed to extract RNA. I went into lab the day that the shelter-in-place order came out and we had to quickly shut down operations in our labs. I collected our RNA extraction kits and emailed the faculty list for my research building that I planned to drop off the reagents to the clinical labs. A dozen or so labs stepped forward and added their RNA extraction reagents. It filled up my minivan (enough for thousands of tests!) and I brought them to the clinical labs.”

“There was this really nice spirit of wanting to help as much as we could,” she said.