Matthew Scott

Matthew was someone you think of to be an overall wonderful person. A team player, and the most influential and kind son, grandson, brother, and cousin anyone could ask for. He knew how to be funny in the right moments, cared extensively about the people around him and wanted them to be happy. His passion for soccer, family and friends fueled him through his journey of his diagnosis of medulloblastoma. He was diagnosed suddenly in April of 2022. This started in a much different way. He was taken to Norton Children’s Emergency Room for a scan of a concussion, and the doctors ordered multiple scans trying to figure out what was at play. They had found a tumor in his cerebellum known as medulloblastoma. For 17 months, he went through 6 weeks of radiation and 9 rounds of chemotherapy to fight this terrible disease. He was able to ring the bell to mark the end of chemotherapy/treatment in July of 2023. He graduated high school, attended prom, and was able to stay in touch with friends from all over!

 He always had an amazingly positive outlook on life, and his diagnosis. Every day, he lived to the fullest and wanted to make people smile. When August of this year came around, Matthew was sleeping excessively and not feeling well almost every day. One day, he collapsed at home and was rushed to Norton Children’s Hospital. There, he lost all cognitive and physical abilities helping him to function comfortably. We couldn’t wrap our minds around how this terrible disease affected Matthew. The doctors had informed us that his cancer had came back rapidly, in his brain and now his spine. The last few days we had with Matthew were extremely difficult but we will always be grateful for every moment we shared with him. The doctors were able to take tissue samples of his tumors that were found and were able to donate them to a research facility to help further exploration into cancer research. We are grateful for the care he recieved and the care we also recieved during this difficult process. He will forever remain with us!

For anyone facing the same difficulties my son Matthew faced, know you are strong. Know that no matter what you are diagnosed with, you are courageous and will be able to battle what obstacles come your way. “One step at a time,” Matthew quoted in a WLKY interview. It’s something that always sticks with me when I am feeling hopeless. I hope Matthew’s story can inspire you to be brave and strong through what you are facing and thank you for reading!

Our Donation Story

Our donation story has meant the world to our family. Knowing that Matthew is going to be able to help future patients by donating tissue samples is amazing to hear. We hope that it can further research as much as possible.

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