Noah McEver

Our son Noah McEver was 7 years old when we found out he had a Stage IV Glioblastoma.

Noah was a beautiful boy inside and out. He was the most compassionate and considerate person we have ever known. He was always smiling, we can’t even remember a time we didn’t see him smile. He cared so deeply for others, When asked about his days at school he would always talk about other kids and how they were feeling & we would discuss different ways he could be there for someone. He loved school and learning and he was that boy that would ask a thousand questions about how something worked. He become drawn to church and religion and it gives us such peace to know that he had faith even when we weren’t the best about showing up every Sunday and giving our children the faith education they deserve. He was the absolute best big brother his brothers and sister loved him and whenever Noah walked in the door they always showed such love and excitement to see him.

He was always wanting to take part in their care and always ready to make them smile he was also their biggest advocate, he would advocate for autism for his brother and always ready to learn more about it and show acceptance to everyone. He had a love for stuffed animals and he has about a thousand and named them all, pokemon we still collect cards for him today, and dinosaurs. He could tell you a million facts about dinosaurs. He was always reading to learn more and ready to correct anyone who called the dinosaur by the wrong name. He dreamed of being two things when he got older a paleontologist and a dad.

Noah’s story doesn’t have a long battle with this horrible tumor. Noah never showed any signs of being sick. Until February 21,2023, Noah’s school called saying he was complaining of a headache he spent most of that day hanging out watching tv and resting and later that night began to progress and from there he started to rapidly decline. And on February 24,2023 at 11:36am our baby was pronounced. We were hopeful we would be able to donate his organs to help people the way he would’ve wanted but unfortunately this tumor was too malignant and aggressive, we feel so fortunate that the donation to A Gift From A Child could still happen because Noah would have wanted to help people in any way he could.

“Stay Wild, Stay Curious & Have A Good Day” – Noah
August 01, 2015 – February 24, 2023″

Our Donation Story

The choice to donate was an easy one. Noah would have wanted to do whatever he could to help other people. Being able to donate, to be able to help research, gives us peace knowing even in his last moments Noah did what Noah has always done: put others first.

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