Albert  “David”  Filer V


David was a 16-year-old accomplished U.S. Tennis Association junior player with the goal of becoming a professional tennis player someday. He lived in South Bend, IN with his parents Albert David IV and Pamela (Mozdzierz) Filer and their dog, Percy for 15 of his 16 years. In late 2021, the family moved to Orlando, FL for David to pursue his tennis aspirations. Four months after the move, David was diagnosed with Glioblastoma. He remained positive and hopeful and continued to practice his sport throughout his treatment.


He began playing tennis at age 3 and by age 11, Tennis Recruiting considered him a Blue Chip player. He reached the ranking of #1 in the Midwest and #2 Nationally. David had many tennis accomplishments including winning the 2021 14s National Doubles Championship, winning the 2018 National Spring Team Championship, placing 7th in the 2018 12s National Hard Courts, placing 5th in the 2018 12s National Clay Courts, placing 4th in the 2021 14s Easter Bowl, and winning the Midwest Closed Indoor and Outdoor Championship 7 times.

David had several hobbies. He loved to go metal detecting. There was something about the combination of being in nature and the adventure of looking for the unknown. He loved it so much that even weeks before he passed away, he was adamant about doing it one more time. So, in late February, we went metal detecting on a crisp sunny day in South Bend with partially frozen ground. We found 2 nails, a soda can top and a piece metal scrap and we had a great time. David also loved card magic tricks and going to the golf driving range.

Mark Twain said, “the two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why”. David lived his life knowing that no one is guaranteed tomorrow and that each day of life is precious. He inspired his friends and family with his passion for life, his courage and fighting spirit in the face of adversity both on and off the court, and his love of tennis. For a long time, David believed his “why” was about doing something special with tennis but in the last few months of his life, David discovered his “why” was about the lasting impact he would have on the lives of so many from those who had the honor of knowing him to those who will be inspired from afar. Through his strength and courage, he will continue to inspire others to live life to the fullest and be present in each moment.

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