Love Never Dies
Through Gift From a Child, parents can turn loss and grief into action.

A recent collaborative effort by the entire Gift from a Child team was published in the National Funeral Directors Association summer newsletter. The project, lead by Melissa Williams, GFAC Tissue Navigator was part of our outreach efforts into adjacent organizations to educate and collaborate.

Medical journal articles report that many bereaved parents who have lost children to brain cancers are interested in supporting medical research through postmortem tissue donations. Their greatest hope is that families in the future will be spared the same loss because of scientific advancements enabled through these research donations. The overall program is meant to be gentle on families that make the decision to donate. They are provided with information about how the program
works and a general timeline of the process, and will sign a consent for the tissue donation (research autopsy).

Donation can take place wherever the death occurs – hospital, home or hospice – and the family is given all the time they want and need with their child at the time of death. Read Full Publication