Memory Monday: Carson Hall


Carson LOVED vacation! Whether it was Great Wolf Lodge, the mountains in Colorado, the lake, or the beach, he loved to travel. His favorite place of all time was the beach. I feel like as parents, we instilled that in him from the young age of 2 when we visited friends in Hawaii. Carson was diagnosed with DIPG in May 2016. We made the decision at that time to make as many memories with him as we could, which meant vacationing.

He was granted a wish through Make a Wish Foundation in July 2016, which was a Disney Cruise. From that point forward, we traveled as much as possible with him. We went on 3 Disney Cruises and made two trips to the beach in Mexico during his journey with DIPG. The beach was his happy place, as well as ours! It was a place we could go, where no one knew us or the battle we were facing and allowed us to just live. To relax and enjoy each other and the salty ocean air that was therapy for our tired souls. It allowed us to forget what we were facing, and be as normal as we possibly could. Carson loved building sandcastles as much as his little brother Colton loved destroying them! He loved digging giant holes in the sand, and he loved it when we would bury him in the sand, so he could break out! He loved running into the water, and sitting letting the waves crash into him trying not to fall over! He loved any activity that allowed him to be at the beach.


Lindsey Hall is Carson’s mom and founder of Carson’s Crusaders. You can learn more about Carson’s Crusaders and their fight against DIPG at

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