Memory Monday: Michael Gustafson


I couldn’t NOT share a post about Halloween, as Michael loved everything about it. The scary decorations, creating a unique costume, a night out in the neighborhood with buddies, and the CANDY! Oh, how he loved candy. The goal each year was to get to every single house in the neighborhood. If you started at 3 pm, RAN from house to house, if Mom met you half-way so you could dump out your pillowcase to lighten the candy load, and you kept running until curfew at 8 pm, on a good year, it WAS possible!

The picture shows Michael after such a Halloween sprint… lying on his bounty, exhausted yet triumphant! The only thing better was the trading that came after with his brother, sister, and best friend. “I’ll trade you a Snickers for a Nestle Crunch bar; I can’t trade the Mounds bars, I’m saving those for Dad.” 



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